UK, IE and Asia Champs

***** I will deliver a sweet puppy in SINGAPORE end of OCTOBER 2022, if interested in talking personally to me or have my coton’s book contact me *******


As we mention UK in the dog world the CRUFTS come to the mind..
I had the honor to Judge CRUFTS two breeds, and to show at CRUFTS two times and to win tow Best of breed! The winners are Cotonbrie Vercingetorige and Cotonbrie Anastasia.
The first Cotonbrie in UK was Os Sole mio. A famous Champion imported and showed by Hazel Gill, Cottonkiss cotons. With Hazel we had years of cooperations and she was in my side helping with the book on the breed ‘Coton’s World”. Hazel reports many success with mine and her cotons.
Another passionate coton lover is Shelagh Needham and her husband James. They love Beardies and Cotons, kennel name Cotoncloude. Shelagh is also a well known Judge. They owns many champions of both breeds, Cotonbrie Cezanne, aka ‘Gianni” was their first gentleman coton. Then Cotonbrie Marco Polo, Cotonbrie Dindirindina for Cotoclode, Cotonbrie Ginevra..

coton winning at Crufts

Cotonbrie Vercingetorige

First Coton Best of Breed at CRUFTS

Cotonbrie Anastasia

Best of Breed at Crufts 2010

coton champion girls
Coton champ

Oh Sole Mio

ChampOf ireland, International Champ, Owner Hazel Gill

Cotonbrie Dindirindina per Cotoncloude

I talian Champ, World ChampOwner Shelagh Needham


Perfect Tulipano
Aka Ciro

Loved by Aisleen Horner

COTONBRIE OH SOLE MIO is an irish Champion.
In 2022 Cotonbrie perfect Tulipano become Irish Champion. This beautiful boy is loved by three wonderful women Aisleen,Shona-Lisa, and Catriona He is actually showing and collected many green stars.

Cotonbrie Perfect Tuipano


Cotons are really a loved breed in Asia.
In Korea there are new breeders .Also in Australia, Singapore..
Some Cotonbrie become Korean Champions.

HOT! coton seminar in Korea by Eli De Luca

Organized by Heart Melody Kennel, Jiny and Shin, the seminar is heal by Cotonbrie Breeder, The Judge breed specialist Eli De Luca

Coton in Korea
Special Class, Coton seminar in Korea


Tobia a sweet little boy born in february 2022. He is reserved from far Singapore, so he is leaving with us for some time until he will have all vet requirements to join his new family. He is learning to be brushed, to go with leash and he is giving kisses to everyone! Come back for seeing grow month more….

Tobia and me arrived in Singapore!