Cotonbrie loves dogshows !

Our passion for dogs shows never get lost. We started in the ’80ies and still showing. Our goal is to keep always at first place breed selection. Meeting other breeders from all the world and seeing (and exchanging) our lines the breed reach the top. Shows is also a way to compare your work with others and meet friends.

Shows adventures <#

important: with about 700 titles and championships with many cotons and in many countries we try to not forget too many.. also we tried to divide in Milestones page, and then separate for country.. so maybe you can find some informations regarding cotonbrie in your land. If you notice a mistake or a missing part, please advice me. i would love to have your Cotonbrie pic, send me and some will be published in our website

coton shows and champion
Cotonbrie winning team

A note, Eli is not only involved in the dog world as breeder, as exhibitor, as journalist write for several dog magazines a director of two publications, and write for Enci official magazine and author of the Coton book, Eli is also involved in Enci committee and delegations. She is a Enci Delegate for shows, and she is in the national CCC TOY Club Committee and had been vice presidente and member of the province Enci Delegation. . Moreover Eli is a Specialist judge. She gave seminars in US, UK, in Pisa, for Enci’s Judges and for CCC members. She judged Crufts in 2008 , Judged World dog Show 2015, Nordic winner, Norwegian winner and man other Specialties all over Europe. judged Specialties

enjoy our show pages! we wait for your cotonbrie pic!

eli coton judge
Eli Judging one of the Coton Specilalty (Praga)