Mina Pina

aka ‘Cotonbrie Rose gun’s ‘n roses’

Young Italian Champ ’21,
Young CCC Social Champ ’21,
Young Latin Winner ’21,
Young Rome Winner ’21,
Italian Beauty Champion ’22,
Hungary Beauty Champion ’22,
Mediterranean Winner ’22,
CRUFTS Qualification ’23

Mina Pina a lovely girl out of champ ‘Cotonbrie Hasta la vista’ and gran daughter of Champ ‘Lemon Juice du Haut Marais’. Femminine sweet expression typical of the Breed, dense coton-ball, pure white coat, (all judges were impressed by her exceptional coat texture), super black as ink pigment and very dark eyes. Complete scissor bite. Nice neck, small size with very good chest. She is a clown in the ring. Her titles are Italian young Champion ’21, CCC Young social champ ’21, Rome young Winner 2021, Latin young Winner 2021, Mediterranean Winner 2022, Italian Beauty Champion ’22, Hungary Beauty Champion ’22, Crufts Qualification ’23.
HEALTH: ‘OFFICIAL SELECTIONED REPRODUCER BY ITALIAN KENNEL CLUB’. knees (00) Celmesche, PRA-PRCD Clear (NN); CMR2 Clear (NN), Eyes Official Ophthalmologist Clear (FSA)

Do u wanna play with me?
Mina Pina, Let’s play
Coton in NY
junior Italian Champ, junior Mediterranean winner Cotonbrie Mina Pina winning CAC in San Marino Republic September 22