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HOT news – June ’23!

French Championship 2023
Multi Champion Rose iris New France champion! Cotonbrie Toffee Young French Champion! Owner Monica e Paolo

Iris and Toffee (young)

Cotonbrie Rose Iris winning BOB at Coton Specialty in september ’22 and Mediterranean Trophy!
Cotonbrie Toffee Best Young and Best female at June ’23 at French Cjampionship! Judge the President CCCE Daniel Arnould!
Congrats Monica and Paolo!!!

Our first two coton girls come from France, one Charlotte the Valuary cottage, sister of world champ Cherry the Valuary cottage, from Nicole Chandelier, leaving near Paris. In her neighbourg there were other cotons and I had occasion to meet also the famous Coffee the Valuary cottage. At that time pedigrees were very short and did not have complete generations. I met many of the ancestors from starting blood lines. Our Bemby de Gutelione come from Sara Castex-Binde’, the breeder of famous France champion Selimene de Guitelione. Charlotte although high origin wasn’t our ideal coton, so we just bred her a couple of time. Bemby I can tell was the foundation female due to her lovely temperament, strong pigment, correct bite, nice structure.
For years I had few other connections with France. I asked a mating to Goran Brick, Diablo Swing breeder. of his champion Diablo swing Ispo. Years later Lydie Vincent bought from us her champ Cotonbrie Ultime Temptation.
Un unforgettable trip with Pia from Finland, Barbara from US and me going around France visiting breeders.. I was driving and they were giving me directions in English… so an italian driving in France with directions in English from a Finnish and a texan lady.. was so fun (and big headache!)
Than arrived Cathy Armani with “L’Echo des Elingues, and her most famous and beautiful Champion Monoi. I visited her and had three girls, Ouatine, Ouelcome, Hundai.
Then I decided to take part to shows in France. I went there with Cotonbrie Anastasia that become immediately France Champion. Later on I come back with Cotonbrie Evita, another France Champions. I was very proud.
A mating to the famous Chance de l’echo des Elingues owner Sandy Lejune, brought me two generation later my Best buddy Cotonbrie Hasta la vista.
Another big milestone was the cooperation with Veronique Places, the matings with her beautiful females and my stud Cotonbrie hasta la vista, Within her offspring the top winning and France champ and Europe multi champ champions NTM dit Joey du Haut marais, Mihaha du Haut Marais (ow. Pasha), Mango du Haut marais. (ow. Martine Valetti)… from Veronique I had the beautiful Champion Lemon Juice di haut marais, now living in Korea.From the mating with her lovely boy No Limit du Haut marais I had two champions, Cotonbrie Penny lane and Cotonbrie Peter pan. Nowadays No limit is World (21) and Europe (22) Champ and its co-owned bu Daria Klevisar and Pascha.
At WDS in France Cotonbrie Evita get the world championship title, while the day before, France Championnat, Cotonbrie Evviva l’amore was Best yuong and in the short list of honor ring

coton France

Cotonbrie ROSE IRIS

France Champion ’23! , International Champion, Switzerland Champion ’22, Beauty Switzerland Champ -23, Montecarlo Champion ’23, Italian Champion ’22, CCC Champ ’22
Iris is loved by Monica Casarin and Paolo Luzi

Cotonbrie TOFFEE

YOUNG France Champion, IYoung nternational Champion, Young Italian Champion, Switzerland Ch ’23..

coton in France
Coton champ in France

Cotonbrie Anastasia

France Champion, World Champion, International Champion, Italian Champion, Crufts winner…

Cotonbrie Evita

France Champ, World Champ, BIS,Italian champ, international champ, Serbia champ,.. multi champ. Owner Vesna Marcovic, Zigi Cotons

Lemon Juice
du haut marais

Champion Lemon as puppy winning the Italian Specialty.

Ultime Tentation

Champ Cotonbrie Ultime tentation Best in Show Veteran in France. Owner Lydie Vincent

coton in France

Evviva l’amore

Multi champ and Best Yung at French Championnato


First Cotonbrie Champion in AlbaNY Cotonbrie Shiro, owner Paolo Gisinti, not only conquered 4 titles but also a BEST IN SHOW!


Poland is one of the countries with a good number of cotons and many breeders. I would like to thank them who had confidence in Cotonbrie.
Karolina Daszkiewczv of the sweetest cotons. She had the World champion and multi champion Cavalli Just Cavalli, the smiling coton, like she uses to say. Then she has another beautiful champ Cotonbrie Lennon John.
Katarzyna MIchalska made Cotonbrie Nolan for white pearls of Madagascar many titles with them junior BOB at Euro dog show 2018.
Cotonbrie Orlando for Inferiti got at Austrian winner 2019 at Euro dog show circuit, owner Katarzyna Wysznska.
Latest but not least Joanna Rojeck, who had four cotons from us and a mating and actually uses many Cotonbrie cotons as her foundation stock. First of all ‘Cotonbrie Montewhite‘ that was Best of breed from young class to the World dog show 2017, on 107 Cotons. He is a beautiful champ and Joanna brought him to a great success. Also Cotonbrie Lady Margoth got many championships, and these two are the parents of many champions, one for all Cotonbrie Lady Melissa, Yunior Europe Champion 2022 in France, and my Cotonbrie are behind many other montewhite champs. iI’m very pleased Joanna good work keep the Cotonbrie tradition of Champions going. on.

Cavalli just Cavalli

European Champ, World Champ, and multi Champ loved by Karolina Daszkiewich and her family

Cotonbrie Montewhite

Best of breed on 107 cotons at World dog show 2017.
BIIS, JWW 17, JEW17, PL, DE, champ Owner Joanna Rojeck.

Cotonbrie Nolan
for White pearls of Madagascar

JEW, owner Katarzyna Michalkasa

Lennon John for the sweetest cotons

European Champ, Int Ch and Multi champ, owner Karolina Daszkiewicz

coton Best in show

Lady Margoth

First Coton in History to win a Best in Shoow in Poland! BISS, PL, SV, CHAMP. Owner Joanna Rojeck

Poland Champs

  • Cotonbrie Cavalli just Cavalli,
  • Cotonbrie Vercingetorige,
  • Cotonbrie Lady Margoth
  • Cotonbrie Lennon John
  • Coterie Donna Summer
  • Cotonbrie Jankee Doodle
  • Cotonbrie Montewhite

Serbia Champ

Vesna Marcovic, owner of Zigi’s Cotos fall in Love for our Eu, France, World , It, Int Champ Cotonbrie Evita. She got her from us and made of her an even more bright Star. With Vesna Evita won many other titles and Best in show. Vesna loves her deeply. Evita gave her beautiful offspring. Many are champs,

Cotonbrie Evita

BISS, JEW11, JWW11, EUW12, WW13, INT, SB, IT, multi champ, Owner Vesna Marcovic


Hot!! Komaron 2022 Cotonbrie Got 3 JBOB, 2 BOB, and two Hungarian New Champs! Mina Pina (adult) and Susanna (Young)! Susanna also Derby winner 22!! <3

Ferenc Reményi of Carbonebianco cotons had brought to a big success the multi champions Cotonbrie Donna Summer and Cotonbrie Fresbee. Ferenc come often in our country and had also mates with Hasta. From him and his wife Barbara we have our lovely Carbonebianco Coccinelle, Italian beauty Champ and Enci winner.
In 2016 Cotonbrie Love forever Top winning Coton in Hungary, Best of breed at Champion of champions and Multi Champion Geza Ivàncsics .

Love Forever

To coton Hungary 2016, multi champ, loved by Geza Ivàncsics and his family

Hungarian champs

  • Cotonbrie Rose guns and roses Komaron’22


In Germany there is a very Active Club of Cotons. They organize club match and meetings. I was there to judge a Club show in the forest. Very nice.
Haliii Kabisa owner Bettina Larsen, another beautiful champion.
Jurgen and Claudia Menger had confidence in Cotonbrie and got a couple of Champions.
Last to arrive there Champ Cotonbrie Narciso, owner Anne Vischer. Anne Made of him a Champion.

Cotonbrie Narciso

IntCH, German champ VDH & CTC, Swiss Show-Champ, Austria-Hungarian winner 18BOBWWPuppy, Owner Anne Vischer, Germany

German champs

  • cotonbrie Narciso (Vischer)
  • cotonbrie Doodle yankee
  • cotonbrie thriller( Sacca’)
  • cotonbrie Halili Kabisa (Lehmann))
  • Cotonbrie Montewhite J (Rojeck)

Check Republic

I have been invited to judge a Coton Clubmatch in Praga and I had a very beautiful day with a large entries of Cotons, 57, if I remember well.
Eva Salandova come to pick her beautiful girl in Italy, Ombretta bianca. She is a champion

coton champ

Ombretta bianca

Owner Eva Salandova Praga


In Lithuania Snieguolè Zabeline have two beautiful Cotonbrie boys both gaining a lot of Championship!
Good work!

Marley Bob

RInternational Champ, US RKF champ, Estonia Ch and Junior, Baltic champ and junior, Club Champ and junior, Lithuania champ, and junior, Latvian Champ and junior. Owner Snieguolè Zabeline


Multi Champ Cotonbrie Pasqualino, Lithuanian champ and Junior, Latvian Champ and Junior, Estonian Champ and Junior, Baltic champ and Junior, Russia Champ, Club Champ and junior, Latvian winner ’22, owner Snieguole Zabeline

coton champ

Austria Champs

  • cotonbrie cavalli just cavalli (Karolina Daszkiewich)
  • cotonbrie ullalla les jeux soin fait(Sacca’)
  • cotonbrie thriller (Sacca’)
  • cotonbrie scooby doo (Sacca’)
  • cotonbrie Biancaneve (Solar)
  • cotonbrie bella belinda (Scherlich)
  • cotonbrie donna summer (Remedyi)
  • Cotonbrie Bon Marley
  • Cotonbrie Halili kabusa (Lehmann)

Croatia champs

A nice smiling woman, Gordon Vuk, come from Croatia to take her first coton. She took home Cotonbrie Orobianco, from her her Kennel name, Orobinaco (White Gold). Gordana was a nice friend and always present to many international shows. Her dogs conquered several championships She also had from me Nikos des puppies, son of Yankee doodle. Now Darija Damjanovic is the owner of Orobianco and is having very nice success at dog shows.

  • Cotonbrie Orobianco,
  • Cotonbrie Alessandro magno,
  • Cotonbrie Baci & Abbracci,
  • Cotonbrie Cavalli Just cavalli,
  • Cotonbrie Donna Summer,
  • Cotonbrie Eagle flight,
  • otonbrie Scooby doo,
  • Cotonbrie Ullalla’ les jeux sont fait,
  • Cotonbrie Rose Iris

various champs

  • Luxemburg Champ: Bemby de guitelinoe, Cotonbrie Thriller
  • Slovacchia champ :Cotonbrie cavalli just cavalli
  • Netherland Champ: Cotonbrie Betty Boop, Cotonbrie Capone Al capone, Cotonbrie Doris day, Cotonbrie Myosotis
  • Republic of San Marino Champ: Cotonbrie Alessandro Magno, Bebe de Guitelione, Cotonbrie Bella belinda, Cotonbrie Hollywood dream , Cotonbrie Magic white angel, Cotonbrie Tarzan, Kissmegay of woodland cottage, Rokandroll of woodland cottage, Cotonbrie hasta la vista, Moonlight of Woodland cottage
  • Montecarlo (Monaco republic): Rokandroll of woodland cottage, Cotonbrie Alessandro magno
  • Swiitzerland Champ: Rokandroll of woodland cottage, Cotonbrie Rose iris, Cotonbrie Halili kabisa, Cotonbrie Narciso
  • Greek Champs: Cotonbrie Anastasia, Cotonbrie Bob Marley
  • Romanian champs:Cotonbrie Donna summer, Cotonbrie Eagle flight, Cotonbrie Orobianco, Cotonbrie Cavalli Just cavalli


Coton in Israel
Beautiful Truffle is now a coton pioneering Israel@

Truffle the first Cotonbrie Coton in Israel having fun with his new family

cotonbrie in Dubai !
A second Coton puppy arrived in Dubai! Cotonbrie Buddy! Pics soon!!!

coton winning
happy breeder winning