Carbonebianco Coccinelle

Coton girl champ
Carbonebianco coccinelle Champion of Italy, Enci winner

Italian Beauty Champ, Enci winner 2018, Carbonebianco Coccinelle is bred by Ferenc Remedy, we are grateful for this beautiful girl. Coccinelle was born with color, that disappeared leaving little shadows on her ears.
Coccinelle has a strong body, very dense cotton like coat, complete scissor bite. She has been heath test for eyes (FSA official ophthalmologist), Heart OFA, Knees OFA and Celemasche, CMR2 NN, VW NN, HU NN, BNAT NN, DM NN.

Coccinelle is a proud mom of the champions Cotonbrie Peter Pan and Cotonbrie Pennylane.