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‘Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen’ Orhan Pamuk

Just born coton pups at Cotonbrie

If you are looking for a ‘fast food’ puppy this is not the place. We are not a quantity intensive breeders.
This is a high cynotechnic breeder, with high selection, and a family environment. Often you have to wait few months for your puppy. But you will be following him/her since his birth, eyes openings, pics and videos on his progress and developing, until you can have in your arms.

coton puppies
Coton’s breeder Eli with arms full of sweet pups

Our pups families receive copies of parents official health tests, official registration to national identification program with his chip number, shots and deworming pamphlet, health certificate with warranties, a little cover (like Linus :-)), written advices , a copy of our book on the breed and all are registered with italian kennel club and receive an FCI valuable worldwide pedigree.

BREEDER my strength rises from my passion. Cotons are my life since when I was a teenager. Prior than a breeder I’m a coton lover’. Then I become a JUDGE (judged Crufts, World dog show, Toys’ Specialties all around Europe), and as Journalist I’m the author of a book full dedicated to the coton de tulear ‘Coton’s World’. In few words: Cotons are my world and passion.

coton breeder
Eli De Luca, Cotonbrie hearth

HEALTH: parents are tested and healthy. We test since decades eyes by ophthalmologist, Patella, heart, CMR2, PRApcr, and other ramdon tests, registered as OFA, FSA, Celemasche, Vetogene, Antagene, ecc

CARE and SOCIALIZATION; pups live in a family environment. are exposed to a family routine, to daily sounds and rumors, meet several people, other dogs, also adults. They receive a pre-potty training on pee pee pads, they receive coat care, nail clipping, eyes cleaning, and a bath and drying. We practice Campbell test to screen pups.

PERSONALLY DELIVERY AROUND THE WORLD : Our puppies went from Dubai to Chile, from US to Korea, from Canada to US.. You could make a wonderful trip to our country or we can hand deliver personally in every corner of the world. From hands to Hands (if you are interested see at the end of tise page and contact us)

cotonbrie puppies
sweet coton pups

next cotonbrie puppies spring 2024, reserve yours!

Photo-story of our puppy delivery in NYC

coton pup
coton puppy by Cotonbrie