Our Philosophy

‘family love with breeder touch ‘

The breeder

We are NOT a multi breeds place, we are NOT intensive breeding.

We are dedicated to the Coton de Tulear beautiful breed ONLY.

We are focalized in breeding only healthy equilibrate and beautiful parents with the intent to keep the breed Healthy, Beauty and Happy.

All parents are health tested and super quality specimens of the breed and or Champions, this happens since generations. So our puppies have an incredible high and accurate selection.

They also have special care: a breeder touch with family love and environment. This make the change to its new family very easy for the puppy and for the family. The puppy is NOT in a crate but have a family schedule and routine, day and night, go out and time to sleep, meets new people, new dogs, knows the home noises like bell, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, learns to use pee pee pads, go out for play, inside rest and is cuddle by all members of the human pack.

We often show our coton to meet other breeders and see the new selection. It’s a way to compare, learn, and sometime cooperate.

We test our dogs at OFA, Celemasche,, FSA. All are tested by the official ophthalmologist , all are officially tested for Knees and heart. All are also genetically tested for CMR2 and PRAcpr; in addiction we do other random genetic tests (see details on each dog page)

Last but not least we selection the families more suitable for ur puppies. We have questionnaire to fill before accepting a reservation.

coton love
Cotonbrie family love is always assured to each single puppy
Beauty is a reflex of LOVE
Coton puppy, Hasta and Mia