Coton’s Book

The “Coton’s’ World” book is a full color, large size book and guide to the Coton de Tuléar breed.

Written by the Cotonbrie breeder (that is also a journalist) the book includes many full color pictures, a report of a Madascar journey on the clues of cotons, breed illustrated and commented standard, many countries origins of the breed, and much more.

It has 128 pages, full color, large size.

You can ORDER your copy directly writing to Packs of multiple copies for Clubs and breeders are also available at cheaper price to offer puppy buyers or Club associated.
Payment through Paypal or wire.

Official Comment to the Standard for Toy Club and Italian Kennel Club written by Specialist Judge Elisabetta De Luca. Eli is available for Breed seminars Click below to download

coton book: a complete guide of the coton world. Raising, Sotory, madagascar clues..

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