Cotonbrie, Cotons lovers since the ’80ies

Kid and pup
cotonbrie puppy with happy Chey

Our Story

Why the name ‘Cotonbrie‘?
This is the most frequent asked question!
The reasons are two. The first one is the mix of the breeds’ names ‘Coton de Tutelar’ and ‘Berger de Brie’ (Briard). So become Coton-Brie, second reason because it sounds as Happy and Nice! and I love it , hope you too!

Sean and Puppy
Sean and cotonbrie puppy

Our Philosophy

Our is not only a breeding Philosophy, our is a Philosophy of Life’. We do what we love and we love that we do. We have a limited number of cotons and of puppies so we can give extremely care and attention to every aspect of their life. This make adopting a puppy from us, an extremely joyful experience

coton pup
Cesare and a cotonbrie puppy

Our Puppies

Our puppy care begin with parents’ care: beautiful, equilibrate, healthy and loved parents are the base for the Best pups. Puppies are in a limited low number to give all attention and dedicated care in a family environment. We are against intensive breeding and multi breeds. Fill our questionnaire about your family to cuddle yours.


coton de tulear
Cotonbrie cotons and Chey in a sunflower field

USACTC award of MERIT Breeder”

Best breeder [2) within all FCI Toys Breeds”

FCI and Marche Reognition of Show Career”

cotonbrie Champion